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13 December 2013 @ 11:42 am
"I was in no way “fat,” but for someone who has been told they have a “beautiful body” throughout most of their childhood, simply because they are so thin, losing that thinness caused a great deal of distress. Losing that thinness meant losing the beauty that I had been so admired for as a child. It meant, in a way, losing my childhood. And at the time I thought that was all a girl really wants: beauty and admiration.

When you frequently tell a little girl that she has a beautiful body merely because it is so thin, such compliments become a commonplace thing in her life. When the compliments stop, she is lead to believe that she is no longer beautiful. And because her little-girl beauty was often verified by how little she was, she is lead to believe that she is no longer little, no longer thin, and that this is a very dreadful thing to not be."